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Major Criteria in Selection of Administrator/Manager/Chair/Head


  1. Possess full understanding and will uphold vision-mission of Manila Doctors Hospital
  2. Possess administrative/managerial skill.
    1. Knowledge and experience in quality management system
    2. Values of participative management, multidisciplinary partnering, teamwork, and open communication
  3. Possess knowledge and experience in the specialty unit/units that will be managed
  4. Possess facilitating and teaching skills
  5. Possess knowledge and experience in research
  6. Willing to spend time in hospital and unit preferably full-time or at least 20 hours a week at 2-4 hours/day.
  7. Possess basic computer skills
    1. Word processing
    2. Email
    3. Internet surfing



Note: Academic title, seniority and length of service are minor and secondary criteria.



Note: See reactions of one MD-chairperson.



                 Definitely we need these criteria.  Congrats.

                 However, I would prefer a full "spelling"" of 2.a and 2.b. that is:

                             >   someone who understands and practice relationship dynamics,

                             >   commands support among his peers and subordinates,

                             >   a leader who is open to limitations

                             >   someone who welcomes changes,

                             >   one who produces results

                             >   an ethical leader

                             >   a very idealistic criteria " selfless"

                 Number 6 must take a bigger weight.  Long distance " love affair" is never



                 These criteria must not end in our cyberspace.  Let us involve the four

                 walls of Tanco Hall and the wailing characters attending COMESA so that it

     becomes a policy.


            Note: COMESA stands for Committee on Medical Services and Accreditation.