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Counseling Services



Facilitating informed decision on benefit of spiritual health therefore utilizing spiritual force to restore/promote health:


Counseling on

What is health?

Forces that will promote/restore health

Physical force

Mental force

Spiritual force

How the forces can promote/restore health

Importance of wholistic integrative approach

What health promotion/restoration services MDH is offering

Do you want to avail of the spiritual health services of MDH?

What does it entail, in terms of effort, time, and cost?



Facilitating informed decision what religion to acquire


Briefing on different types of religion by an unbiased facilitator

Differences and similarities





Facilitating informed decision on strategies to acquire spiritual forces to restore/promote health:


1.    Generic method

2.    Specific religion-based method

Generic Method:


Counseling on

Meaning of life

Meaning of illness

How to cope with illness with emphasis on spiritual force


Spiritual Prescription

Meditation topic, schedule, how long, assisted or not

Listening to spiritual advisers/peers topic, schedule, how long

Questioning spiritual advisers/peers topic, schedule, how long

Visitation by spiritual advisers/peers schedule, how long, activities

Writing/diary what, how long, when

Reading what (bible or nonbible materials), frequency, when



Specific Religion-based Method:


Precepts /rituals of chosen religion


Examples of Catholic-based method:





Bible reading

Pray over

Prayer healing sessions

Last sacrament